Club Mission #1

Send A Postcard To Space

Earth is finite. To protect our gem of a planet and enable a future of abundance and growth, Earth needs space. Space gives Earth room to grow, new resources, more frontiers to explore, and a way forward that unites us all. We just need you to help visualize this future.

How to create your postcard

Why do you think Earth needs space? Write or draw your vision on a postcard. The Club will launch it to space and back on a Blue Origin New Shepard rocket, and mail it to you with a 'Flown to Space' stamp.

Earth Needs Space Because...

Space is a gift for Earth

Space resources and energy are abundant. By exploring space we could reduce the use of Earth's resources. The sun offers unlimited energy, and asteroids can provide metals and water. How would you use these materials to help humans living in space or those on Earth?

Room for humanity to grow

The solar system could support a trillion humans. If you lived in space, what would your home look like? How would you travel between neighborhoods? What businesses would you build? What would cities look like?

The Gift of the Moon

The Moon has abundant resources. It also has low gravity compared to Earth, making it a great destination to live or a pit stop to other places in the solar system. What would your future Moon colony look like? How would you build an inclusive community? How would you govern and design a new society?


Since the beginning of time, humanity has always explored new frontiers. Exploration changes our perspective. With more access to space, there's no limit to where we could go next. Where would you go?

Mailing Instructions


Use a 4″×6″ (10 x 15 cm) postcard, notecard or download and print the template.


On one side, draw or write your vision for why Earth needs space.


On the other side, write your return address and add a stamp.


Place the postcard in a stamped envelope and mail it to the Club.

Club for the Future
PO Box 5759
Kent, WA 98064

If you have multiple postcards, place them in a large envelope or box and mail them to the Club in bulk.


Drop the envelope in the mail. The Club will launch it to space on a rocket and return it to you!

Additional Resources

Your Postcard's Trip to Space


Your postcard is placed into a payload box and loaded into the crew capsule.


New Shepard, Blue Origin’s rocket, launches to space from the West Texas desert.


Capsule carrying your postcard separates from the booster as it reaches space.


New Shepard’s reusable booster returns for a gentle touchdown on the landing pad.


Capsule descends to earth under parachutes after floating in space 100 kilometers above Earth.


Postcards are recovered, stamped ‘Flown to Space’, and mailed to you as a space-flown keepsake.

Watch a Mission to Space

The Club's first batch of thousands of postcards from students around the world flew to space on New Shepard mission NS-12. Watch the video from that mission.